The "No Framework" Framework

46 episodes
6 hours  51 mins

About this course

It's not a framework, it's an awesome project structure built from the ground up. Routing, service providers, powerful database integration, authentication, validation, flash messages and so much more.

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Alex Garrett-Smith
Alex Garrett-Smith

Hey, I'm the founder of Codecourse!

course episodes (46)

01. Introduction

4m 27s

02. Setting up the structure

8m 44s

03. Environment variables

5m 53s

04. The container

8m 39s

05. Simple routing with FastRoute

17m 43s

06. First route and controller

5m 43s

07. Rendering views with Twig

17m 39s

08. Using a base_path() helper

4m 14s

09. Config: Loaders

6m 45s

10. Config: The class

14m 28s

11. Config: Service provider

3m 8s

12. Configuring Twig

8m 21s

13. Refactoring service provider loading

1m 57s

14. Databases with Doctrine

17m 26s

15. Model magic methods

3m 1s

16. Forms: Signing in

8m 8s

17. Forms: Validation

10m 37s

18. Forms: Validation error handling

8m 29s

19. Building a session helper

13m 26s

20. Flashing validation errors and old data

12m 8s

21. More view sharing

5m 24s

22. Linking to pages with route names

6m 57s

23. Authentication: Password hashing

8m 47s

24. Authentication: Signing in

15m 18s

25. Authentication: Persisting the user's session

7m 20s

26. Authentication: Showing we're signed in

3m 58s

27. Authentication: Password rehashing

5m 46s

28. Flash messages

11m 50s

29. CSRF: Generating a token

11m 43s

30. CSRF: Checking the request

11m 8s

31. Signing out

6m 7s

32. Registering: Setting up

3m 39s

33. Registering: Validation with custom rules


34. Registering: Storing a user

5m 11s

35. Registering: Automatic authentication

1m 42s

36. User dashboard with protection

6m 16s

37. Guest middleware

4m 14s

38. Cookie jar

8m 47s

39. Generating a recaller cookie

15m 15s

40. Reauthenticating from a cookie

9m 28s

41. Cookie recaller security

4m 23s

42. Refactoring our Auth class

13m 51s

43. Bug fixing: Reauthentication

4m 41s

44. Quick UI fix

1m 4s

45. Switching to Eloquent

17m 49s

46. Pagination

28m 15s
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