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Laravel Hashids

in Laravel 2 weeks ago. 29 mins runtime.

Hashids hide the standard incrementing primary keys of your database from the public, but can also offer a more personalised touch if you're building an API.

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In development
Build an e-commerce platform

in Vue.js, Laravel 2 weeks ago. 411 mins runtime.

Build a robust e-commerce platform with a Laravel API and Nuxt frontend. Products with flexible variations, proper price implementation, a full checkout experience with dynamic shipping and payment implementations (including saved payment methods) and loads more.

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Roll your own Facades

in Slim, PHP, Design patterns 1 month ago. 18 mins runtime.

Popularized by Laravel, Facades hide underlying classes and allow normal methods to be invoked as static methods. With a pinch of magic, we're going to create our own!

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Refactoring chained where methods in Laravel

in Laravel 1 month ago. Free. 2 mins runtime.

If you're chaining where methods when building queries with Eloquent, check out this simple refactoring tip.

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Bootable traits in Laravel

in Laravel 2 months ago. Free. 6 mins runtime.

If you need to register something within the boot() method of a model, here's a quick tip to do this within a trait if needed.

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Vue Stash

in Vue.js 2 months ago. 17 mins runtime.

When Vuex is too much and a global event bus is not enough, Vue Stash has your back.

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DigitalOcean spaces with Laravel

in Laravel 2 months ago. Free. 4 mins runtime.

Here's how to use DigitalOcean spaces with Laravel's Filesystem. It's as easy as using S3!

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JWT Authentication from Scratch

in Slim, PHP 3 months ago. 84 mins runtime.

Building an API? Using Slim, we'll learn how to build clean, simple JWT authentication that you can fit into the framework of your choice.

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In development
Practical Vue Components

in Vue.js 3 months ago. 100 mins runtime.

Build a collection of reusable components for your app, and learn the complexities of Vue along the way. Everything from buttons and modals to collapsible file trees and navigation. Super clean, super reusable.

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The optional() helper callback

in Laravel 3 months ago. 5 mins runtime.

You may have used the optional() helper in the Laravel framework before, but did you know about the optional callback?

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