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Here's what some of our awesome members are saying

Codecourse has been an important place for me to improve and grow professionally. Thanks to Alex for providing such great content and learning resources.
Joseph Ruano
Codecourse has been a pivotal turning point in my career as a software engineer. Thanks to Alex's courses, I successfully leveled up from a novice to someone who is now unafraid to accept any challenge. Worth every penny.
Oussama Sid
I have been learning from Alex since the phpacademy days. Was ecstatic when codecourse was launched. Alex is one of the best teacher out there. Explaining complex topics effortlessly is his superpower!
Codecourse's amazing collection of quality courses will keep your skills set at the cutting edge. It's the perfect must have resource for adapting fast in business environments.
Digital Workflow Systems
I have been regularly using Codecourse to keep me updated about Laravel. This website has saved me a lot of my time and money as I find explanations really easy to understand. I am glad I found Codecourse early as a student. I am very grateful for setting me up for my career.
Mohamed Suhail
Codecourse is a brilliant learning resource. Keep up to date with Laravel and related languages. I love the practical examples that simplify complex topics.
David Carr
I recently became a lifetime member of codecourse and this has been one of my best investments so far! The projects covered here are genuinely practical and can be applied for building real world applications.
Tapan Sharma
Alex doesn't fear tackling big topics that are extremely valuable to any developer.
Benjamin Crozat
Codecourse is jam-packed with useful and easy-to-follow courses. I'm always learning new things from each video!
Codecourse has been a game-changer for my development journey. As a seasoned web developer, I've found their Laravel courses to be unmatched in quality and relevance. Alex breaks down complex topics effortlessly, making learning both enjoyable and practical. Thanks to Codecourse, I've not only deepened my understanding of Laravel but have also gained the confidence to tackle complex projects with ease. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced developer, I highly recommend Codecourse for its exceptional instruction and hands-on approach to learning.
Bilal Haidar
Beside the great tutorials which are focused on specific topics, Codecourse provides knowledge in overall topics like security, design patterns and tools.
Codecourse has been vital in my journey to become the Web Developer I am today. Not only have the skills I've learnt helped me start my own business, but it has also enabled me to help many other businesses start up.
Jam Ward
I love that Codecourse tackles deeper concepts than are covered in the docs. Really helps push me as a developer. The lifetime license is a must have.
Scott Zirkel
Thanks to Alex way back during the phpacademy era, I started programming. He is my educational hero and I owe him a lot.
Jakub Theimer
As a slow reader, Codecourse has helped me develop my skills faster than I would have imagined. The usage of great real life examples and clear voiceover makes me able to watch the series for hours straight. Without Codecourse, I would never have been where I am today.
Jesper Andersen
Codecourse is an indispensable knowledge tool for both experienced and new developers. For me, Codecourse is a valuable companion in my development toolkit!
Steve Popoola
Codecourse is what got me into web development. Diverse content, superb quality courses, and most of all excellent explanations.
Ziyo Shams
Codecourse is my go to for learning anything development related. Not only is the content high quality, but the subjects are varied and concise. Alex is a fantastic teacher, and always explains topics in an easy to understand way.
Steve McDougall
I discovered my career on Codecourse, before even being a pro member. Thank you Alex!
Bashiru Ibrahim
The videos are easy to understand. It's awesome!
Codecourse is just so simple. I built my first Laravel app in hours thanks to Codecourse.
Duncan McClean
Good courses, better explanations! As a hobbyist or professional coder, you'll find great value. I consider myself lucky to had found Codecourse.
Aida Martínez
Great practical project examples and code walkthrough that will help you level up your developer chops.
Steven Grant
Codecourse is a place where you can broaden your mind with practical and beneficial web development video tutorials. Highly recommend to anyone who wants to reach at the cutting edge of the web.
Kamyab Alex
Codecourse is a fantastic platform. Alex has a friendly delivery style. He includes just enough detail to keep the courses comprehensive but not too slow. Thank you, Alex, for making me a better developer!
Zuzana Kunckova
Codecourse is the way to learn and keep up-to-date with the latest technologies.
Brent Robert
Lifetime subscription with Codecourse is the best gift I have ever given to myself. Its amazing how Alex is maintaining and pushing diverse technology stacks content.
Zubair Mohsin Baloch
Codecourse helps me and my team get expertise in web development. Not only video tutorials, it's also a problem solver.
K PradeepKumar
I love Codecourse because it has a lot of practical step-by-step projects. The teaching, video and content quality are one of the best I've ever seen. It helped me so much and improved my web development skills to a whole new level.
Davor Minchorov
My career started as a designer. Out of necessity I needed to learn how to handle the entire stack. Codecourse took me from basically no knowledge of development to being able to handle every aspect of it.
Josh Stobbs
Codecourse has allowed me to approach complex problems in a much cleaner way because Alex has always been a big advocate of simplicity.
Abdul Haseeb
Alex is good at delivering and explaining coding concepts to beginners, also loads of content that helps me understand concepts of developing a whole app. Really helpful.
Rabi Brahimi
I never knew anything about PHP frameworks until I came across Alex's Slim and Laravel tutorials. I have learnt a lot through the courses and it has made it possible for me to make several web apps for my clients. Thank you codecourse, and I vow to continue being a loyal subscriber.
Emil Kitua
I credit Codecourse as the single most beneficial learning resource to my development career. When I was learning my first programming language, Codecourse taught me how to develop simple applications and introduced me to the fundamentals. Now I develop complex applications and I'm a senior developer with my company. You put in the effort, Codecourse brings the knowledge!
Mark Townsend
Simple and difficult subjects explained very clearly!
Nathan Geerinck
Vibecast would not be where it is now without Codecourse. Several tutorials have gone directly into the application, and much more indirectly.
Jack Barham