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Laravel Sanctum Authentication with the Vue Composition API

Learn how to authenticate with a Laravel API from Vue using the Composition API. We'll set up a fresh Laravel project with Sanctum and Fortify, then implement the ability to authenticate with a beautiful, simple auth module thanks to the flexibility of the Composition API.

11 episodes
53 mins
Vue Script Setup for Single File Components

The Vue <script setup> syntax lets you clean up your Vue script area when you're using the Composition API. Variables and imports are automatically shared with your template, there's less boilerplate code, and it's faster in runtime performance! In this series, we'll cover everything you need to know about working with the script setup syntactic sugar.

10 episodes
40 mins
Build a Blog with Laravel and Vue

Build a beautiful blogging platform from scratch with Laravel and Vue. Features an admin panel, a powerful writing experience with tiptap editor, and heavy focus on the Vue composition API. It's packed with loads of useful tips and techniques for your own projects.

31 episodes
3 hrs 8 mins
Build a Quote Collector App in Laravel and Vue (with Vite)

Integrate a Vite-built Vue app into Laravel, and build a fun little app to learn the basics! We'll cover routing, state management with Vuex, the Composition API and more.

13 episodes
54 mins
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