A framework for creating Vue.js applications.

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Getting Started with Nuxt 3

Nuxt is a framework built on Vue that makes development of applications a breeze. In this series, we'll get set up with a fresh project and work through everything you need to know to start building with Nuxt.

18 episodes
1 hr 15 mins
Create a Realtime Post Timeline with Nuxt and Laravel

Build a realtime timeline for users to post and like posts. We’ll cover authentication, state management, infinite scrolling and explore the fastest way to keep everything up-to-date with realtime events.

25 episodes
2 hrs 36 mins
Laravel Fortify with Nuxt

Let’s implement every feature of Laravel Fortify in a Nuxt SPA. We’ll use Laravel Sanctum to authenticate, then work through each Fortify feature and figure out the tweaks we need to make along the way.

18 episodes
1 hr 42 mins
Laravel Websockets with Nuxt

Broadcast events and listen in realtime on both public and authenticated private channels using Laravel Websockets and Nuxt.

9 episodes
52 mins
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