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Build a Livewire Drag & Drop Uploader

Build a multiple file drag-and-drop uploader with Livewire and Alpine.js. Using Alpine and Livewire’s JavaScript API, we’ll directly hook into the JavaScript drop event and kick off the upload progress, validating files and showing a progress bar along the way. So, if you need drag-and-drop uploading in your Laravel project, this course has you covered!

9 episodes
43 mins
Build a Livewire CSV Importer

Let's build a powerful CSV importer with Livewire, completely from scratch. This can handle millions of rows, be reused for multiple models, and by using job batches, doesn't require the browser to be open. This course is for you if: - You need a robust importer component for your models that you have full control over - You want to brush up on some advanced Livewire concepts - You want to learn about job batching and queues in Laravel

25 episodes
2 hrs 20 mins
Build an E-Commerce Platform

Build a robust e-commerce platform with a Laravel and Livewire. Features products with unlimited and flexible variations, a product browser with filters and price range slider, global product search, guest checkout, shipping and payment implementation, order status tracking and more.

78 episodes
8 hrs 42 mins
Livewire Performance

Building powerful apps with Livewire is a breeze, but as your app grows, you may run into performance issues. This series covers tips and techniques to keep your Livewire apps speedy.

11 episodes
1 hr 22 mins
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