Flutter is a UI toolkit for building native applications for mobile, web, and desktop.

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Flutter Authentication with Laravel Sanctum

Using Laravel Sanctum for authentication, we’ll build a Flutter app that authenticates users and sends an auth token for any future requests. The perfect starting point for your next Flutter app.

16 episodes
1 hr 18 mins
Authentication with Flutter

Need to authenticate users in your Flutter app? Here's a great place to start. We'll set up JWT authentication, build out a simple, clean authentication service, and securely store the token on the user's device to keep them signed in.

14 episodes
1 hr 14 mins
Build a notes app with Flutter

Let's learn about state management in Flutter (using the Provider package) by building a small notes app. It'll do everything you expect a note taking app to do, but you'll learn about state management, text editing controllers and pushing screens with dependencies along the way!

10 episodes
48 mins
Flutter State Management with Provider

New to Flutter state management with provider? This snippet explains the core concepts and sets you up to get working with it.

1 episode
11 mins
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