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Hi can you create a course on advance level testing in laravel/livewire

Hi Alex

I hope you are doing good

can you create a course for laravel/livewire on advanced testing cause when it comes to writing tests for my code I am not very good at it and i am not talking about test a simple curd test but more advanced testing like for example

recently I was learning Laravel Cashier (subscription) and i use a stripe checkout page instead of a custom page but not I don't know how to write a test for that

Course Topic

  • Write a test for Cashier
  • Write Test for CSV file Upload
  • Write HTTP Test
  • Write Test For custom Class
  • Etc

an advanced course on how to write tests


Sure. I have a course planned for Livewire testing which should help out with all these scenarios.

With Cashier tests, I'd recommend specifically hitting the Stripe API with a test account, which is exactly what the core Cashier package does.

I'll try and cover all the others as separate courses, or as a fresh Laravel testing course too.