Sail, Docker & Github codespaces


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Hi everyone,

I’m using Laravel Sail in a Github Codespace.

I have followed the instructions to install Laravel (

Github Codespaces has generated this public URL for me:

However, even when I change the APP_URL, the Laravel app still says it is on localhost, so all the app URLs point to localhost. For instance, the Jetstream login endpoint points to localhost. Do you know what might be happening?

Of course I have tried, with any luck:

sail artisan route:clear sail artisan config:cache sail artisan cache:clear sail artisan view:clear


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I don't use Sail or Codespaces myself, so I might not be able to help much, but perhaps you could share your docker-compose.yml file.

  • What exactly happens when you hit the URL that has been generated by Codespaces?
  • Do you need to add the APP_URL (and others) to your Codespace environment variables?