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Layouts with Inertia

I have multiple layouts in my Inertia app, Layout-Guest and Layout-Main. Both use app.blade.php.

I grab a Sign-in component from TailwindUI but it requires updating the <html> and <body> tags. Have you guys dealt with this before?

I don't want to update my app.blade.php to add the classes in the <html> and <body> tags because I think it will affect other pages.

component from TailwindUI:

    This example requires updating your template:

    <html class="h-full bg-gray-50">
    <body class="h-full">
  <div class="flex min-h-full flex-1 flex-col justify-center py-12 sm:px-6 lg:px-8">
whoami (Daryl)
whoami (Daryl)
whoami (Daryl)
whoami (Daryl)

My bad. h-full is just setting the height to 100%. I thought it was min-height: 100vh;. 😅