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E-Commerce Course with Inertia


Started this discussion 2 weeks ago

Hey @alex,

I think the e-commerce course with livewire, is a little bit outdated(livewire 3 is now out and meilisearch got a new version), though it's a great one. Perhaps looking forward for a new one with Inertia this time? Would be exciting!

Looking forward!


Replied 1 week ago

Interesting I would like to have this course too...


Replied 6 days ago

I wouldn't say it is outdated. Tech is forever moving forward. Everything in that course should still apply. I don't think it would be much work to get it upgraded to support Livewire 3.



Replied 5 days ago

Yeah, in some way you are right, still would love one with Inertia :).


Replied 22 hours ago

Thanks, super aware of the Livewire content being slightly outdated with v3 released. I'm working my way through every single Livewire course to update them 🫡