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Go Livewire instead of Inertia or not?


Started this discussion 2 weeks ago

Hey team.

I've been working with Vuejs for about 3-4 years now and with Livewire 3 I'm having a hard time to decide if I should start working with Livewire instead of Vuejs and Inertia.

I work as a solo developer in a company, but in the future we might employ another one. Finding someone who masters both Laravel PHP and Vuejs can be somewhat tricky, especially where I'm from. I considered moving our current and future apps to Livewire frontend instead of Vue+Inertia, since we would just need to find a developer for Laravel PHP.

Another point is, that since Laravel officially adopted Livewire, we could see some great things created in the future.

I would like to hear your thoughts on this. Should I just stick to my Laravel + Inertia & Vue or would it be beneficial to get into Livewire and start building apps using that as my frontend instead?


whoami (Daryl)

Replied 2 weeks ago

For me, stick with Laravel+Inertia (Vue). You don't need to rewrite everything in Livewire just for the sake of adding a developer who only knows Laravel/Livewire. Moving from Inertia to Livewire will take a lot of time.


Replied 2 weeks ago

Alright. What about new or hobby projects. Would you say it’s worth the time to learn it or are there no real benefits of Livewire > Inertia / Vue?


Replied 2 weeks ago

In deciding between Vue.js with Inertia and Livewire 3 for Laravel projects, it's important to recognize Alex's key contributions to Livewire 3, as acknowledged by its creator, Caleb Porzio. Laravel and Livewire offer a powerful combination known for seamless integration, while Inertia remains a strong choice for Vue.js enthusiasts seeking to build reactive UIs. Taylor Otwell, Laravel's creator, has provided valuable insights on this topic. Ultimately, the choice between Laravel with Livewire and Laravel with Inertia & Vue.js depends on your project needs, tech familiarity, and team development goals.