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Laravel YouTube Clone

59 episodes
8 hours  12 mins

About this course

Building a YouTube clone with Laravel, including uploads, video encoding, searching and an awesome video player.

Your teacher

Alex Garrett-Smith
Alex Garrett-Smith

Hey, I'm the founder of Codecourse!

course episodes (59)

01. Introduction

9m 26s

02. Services we'll be using

3m 41s

03. Installing Laravel

2m 14s

04. Authentication and password resets

4m 27s

05. Creating a channel

8m 30s

06. Setting up queues


07. Breaking up the navigation

7m 46s

08. Channel settings

24m 32s

09. Setting up S3

4m 43s

10. Uploading a channel image

12m 58s

11. Resizing the channel image

4m 5s

12. Setting up Elixr

5m 31s

13. Vue component and video selection

10m 20s

14. Video model and migration

8m 19s

15. Initial video creation

11m 27s

16. Saving video details

16m 26s

17. Video upload and progress bar

17m 40s

18. Uploading to S3

6m 18s

19. Preventing exit while uploading

2m 11s

20. Setting up a Factory

6m 31s

21. How we'll test webhooks locally

4m 19s

22. Processed percentage

8m 44s

23. Video index

16m 39s

24. Editing video details

12m 44s

25. Deleting videos

2m 58s

26. Basic video page

11m 33s

27. Access checks and alerts

11m 58s

28. Building the player

14m 47s

29. Logging the view count

23m 44s

30. Search setup

9m 13s

31. Searching for channels

7m 11s

32. Searching for videos

7m 39s

33. Vote model and migration

5m 16s

34. Vote component and showing votes

20m 49s

35. Voting up and down

14m 15s

36. Comment model and migration

12m 18s

37. Comments endpoint

15m 40s

38. Displaying comments

9m 43s

39. Posting a comment

14m 1s

40. Replying to comments


41. Deleting comments

10m 28s

42. Subscription model and migration

5m 34s

43. Subscription component and status

15m 37s

44. Subscribing and unsubscribing

7m 8s

45. Getting videos

8m 41s

46. Displaying the videos

2m 51s

47. Basic channel page

7m 31s

48. Total video views

4m 4s

49. Fix: Hide private/unlisted videos in search results

5m 4s

50. Fix: Visibility of videos on channel page


51. Fix: Comment replies

3m 57s

52. Fix: Video views for unauthenticated users

2m 13s

53. Fix: Showing reply and delete buttons if unauthenticated

1m 21s

54. Fix: Subscribing multiple times

1m 17s

55. Fix: Hide vote component if votes are disabled

1m 40s

56. Fix: Subscription count on search results

2m 8s

57. Fix: Video vote n+1 problem

1m 22s

58. Fix: Unique channel slug validation message

2m 2s

59. Fix: Video creation form request

2m 19s
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