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Laravel SaaS Boilerplate

41 episodes
6 hours  6 mins

About this course

Everything you need to get your app up and running. Email activation, two-factor authentication, subscription billing, team billing, API token authentication, admin user impersonation and more.

Your teacher

Alex Garrett-Smith
Alex Garrett-Smith

Hey, I'm the founder of Codecourse!

course episodes (41)

01. Introduction

6m 50s

02. Laravel, queues and mail

9m 45s

03. Account overview and profile update

17m 19s

04. Changing password


05. Really simple flash messages

4m 30s

06. Active navigation state

5m 4s

07. Email activation: Tokens

10m 5s

08. Email activation: Preventing sign in on registration

8m 59s

09. Email activation: Activating

10m 37s

10. Email activation: Checking expired tokens

4m 56s

11. Email activation: Preventing sign in

2m 33s

12. Email activation: Resending email


13. Email activation: Protecting password resets

3m 16s

14. Setting up plans

13m 11s

15. Subscriptions: Payment form

10m 22s

16. Subscriptions: Subscribing the user

18m 1s

17. Subscriptions: Adding coupon support

2m 30s

18. Subscriptions: Validating coupons through Stripe

5m 43s

19. Blade subscription helpers

15m 17s

20. Subscription middleware checks

12m 17s

21. Cancelling and resuming subscriptions

4m 23s

22. Updating payment method

4m 28s

23. Team billing: Creating a default team

5m 24s

24. Team billing: The team page

16m 44s

25. Team billing: Adding team members

14m 9s

26. Team billing: Removing team members

4m 33s

27. Team billing: Piggybacking subscriptions

7m 17s

28. Swapping plans

12m 27s

29. Account deactivation

9m 30s

30. Two factor: Setting up

13m 1s

31. Two factor: Registering

15m 27s

32. Two factor: Verifying

8m 15s

33. Two factor: Disabling

5m 53s

34. Two factor: Verify tokens on sign in

12m 50s

35. Accepting terms and conditions

2m 47s

36. User impersonation: Admin roles

9m 21s

37. User impersonation: Impersonating

13m 13s

38. API tokens: Setting up

3m 7s

39. API tokens: Generating tokens

6m 30s

40. API tokens: Protecting routes

4m 40s

41. Stripe webhook handling

8m 41s
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