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Only Show Hours and Minutes using Carbon toTimeString

June 19th, 2024

The toTimeString method in Carbon allows you to set a precision. Let's look at the options.

If you're outputting a date/time, chances are you don't need to display the seconds. By default, using toTimeString outputs hours, minutes and seconds.

$post->created_at->toTimeString(); // 10:51:37

The toTimeString method accepts a precision parameter. To display a time string from Carbon without the seconds, pass in minute as the precision:

$post->created_at->toTimeString('minute'); // 10:51

As you might have guessed, we can take this a step further and provide hour as the precision too, which would show only the hour.

$post->created_at->toTimeString('hour'); // 10

Easy as that. You're now able to control the output of toTimeString and only show hours and minutes.

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Alex Garrett-Smith
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