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How to refresh and re-render a Livewire component

June 27th, 2024

Occasionally, you'll need to manually re-render a Livewire component to update its contents. Let's discuss a few ways to do this.

At the heart of everything is the built-in $refresh action. Here's how it works in a Livewire component.

class SomeComponent extends Component
    protected $listeners = [
        'some-event' => '$refresh'

    public function someAction()

In this component, any time a some-event event is dispatched, the $refresh action will be invoked, which will refresh your Livewire component.

Since we can globally dispatch events, you can refresh any component in response to an action in another component. I covered this in the Livewire Trello Clone course here on Codecourse.

If you need to refresh the component from within itself and don't need to rely on events, there's a much easier way. In the template for your Livewire component, just invoke $refresh directly.

<button wire:click="$refresh">Refresh this component</button>

The click event above triggers a call to the $refresh action and will re-render the Livewire component.

Oh, we can do it from Alpine too! Using Alpine to refresh a Livewire component is helpful when you need to refresh your component inside a JavaScript condition or event.

Here's an example of refreshing a Livewire component every 5 seconds (not recommended for most scenarios, but could be useful).

        setInterval(() => {
        }, 5000)
    This will get refreshed every 5 seconds

Of course, you can also directly link this to a button action using Alpine.

<button x-on:click="$wire.$refresh()">
    Refresh this component using an Alpine click event!

The $commit helper does the same thing as $refresh (they're entirely identical). So, if you prefer this, you can also invoke this to re-render a Livewire component.

<button wire:click="$commit">
    Refresh this component using $commit!

That's a wrap — you're spoiled for choice when it comes to methods for re-rendering Livewire components.

Thanks for reading! If you found this article helpful, you might enjoy our practical screencasts too.
Alex Garrett-Smith
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