01. Introduction


In this series we're covering everything you need to know about Alpine JS.
Alpine is a lightweight JavaScript framework that allows you to sprinkle in functionality into a page very easily. We'll start from the very basics of getting Alpine onto a page, then cover how to output stuff, conditionally toggle, bind attributes dynamically like CSS classes, look at iterating over arrays, handling events like clicks and loads more.
Throughout the series we'll sprinkle in some practical projects like building a modal, a markdown parser and even make requests to the hack and use search API to instantly get back results as we type. This series covers everything you need to get started with Alpine so you can start pulling it into your projects right away. Let's get Alpine installed in the next episode.
19 episodes2 hrs 10 mins


Alpine.js is a refreshingly minimal JavaScript framework that gives you the reactive nature of Vue and React, but with much more simplicity. This course will get you up to speed on how to use it, with plenty of practical examples along the way.

Alex Garrett-Smith
Alex Garrett-Smith
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