Not too long.

We're getting Codecourse ready to launch.
What is Codecourse?

It's the new name for phpacademy. We have a brand new website launching with an improved user experience, more content and a better forum.

How long until it's ready?

We're actively developing the new site and it's almost done. A huge amount of work has gone into making sure it's a much better experience, but we want to make sure things don't fall over when we launch, or we have any problems that will impact you.

This means an extra wait. But remember, all of our content is still being released over on our YouTube channel, so go have some fun over there!

Why the re-brand?

When we first started out, phpacademy suited the tutorials we were releasing. It's now obvious that to be a good developer, you need a wide range of skills - which is why we started teaching in other areas of web development.

To keep the brand strong, attract more attention and keep us going into the future, we needed a name that covered all areas. We hope you like the name, and if not, just remember... it's all about the content!

Will things change?

Apart from the much improved website and the fact we're releasing more content, not much will change. We will be releasing 'premium only' content to some degree, to ensure we can fund future content. Our ethos remains the same, keep education free - so we'll always be releasing plenty of free, exciting content.

I really hope you look forward to this new adventure as much as I am. If you have any questions at all, drop an email to [email protected]