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BREAKING CHANGE WARNING on Episode 13 (Emitting events). Due to changes in Vue 3 (which was not released at the time of the video, the methods used in Episode 13 for creating an AppInput input component won’t work.

Specifically, you can’t use :value=“value” and @input=“$emit(‘input’, $ Instead, you need to write the component bindings as :value=“modelValue” and @input=“$emit(‘update:modelValue’,, and you need to name the prop modelValue instead of value.

Props to RedfernDev for documenting the change and the solution:

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What about mapGetters?

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What about mapState?

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Alex, your knowledge, clear teaching style, and mastery of so many domains... it's so darn valuable. Thanks for the work you put into these series.

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vuex-composition-helpers doesn't work with NuxtJS. I get this error message: Unexpected token 'export' at import { useGetters } from "vuex-composition-helpers" line as long as it is there. :(

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This has not convinced me about this new VUE composition API. Seems like more work and polishing should have been put towards its development. All these reactive, ref properties seem unnecessary and this setup functionality somewhat reminds me old JQuery, javascript times. Personally, maybe I will try this to see how it feels like, but as of now I am not convinced to use it, options API sounds way better

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At first it's weird to work with and doesn't feel like Vue at all.

However, having worked with it for a while now, particularly with larger components and experimenting with organising code better, it's amazing.

I've got to the point now where I actually enjoying writing exclusively with the Composition API over the Options API. Of course, it won't be for everyone, and for smaller components it's overkill, but I think it's wonderful.

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