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1. Introduction

2. A fresh Laravel installation

3. Setting the app name

4. Tidying up default Laravel files

5. Home controller and base template

6. Flash messages

7. Users table migration

8. Signing up

9. Signing in

10. Signing out

11. Auth and guest middleware

12. Searching for people

13. Profile pictures

14. User profiles

15. Updating profile information

16. Friend table migration

17. Showing friends

18. Friends page

19. Showing friend requests

20. Friend model methods

21. Sending friend requests

22. Accepting friend requests

23. Showing the timeline page

24. Status table migration

25. Posting statuses

26. Showing statuses on the timeline

27. Replying to statuses

28. Showing status replies

29. User profile statuses

30. Fix: User profile statuses reply form

31. Like table migration

32. Likeable polymorphic relationships

33. Liking a status

34. Output like count

35. Refactor: hasLikeStatus method

36. Custom 404 page

37. Deleting friends

Social Network

  • 246 mins runtime
  • Released 3 years ago

A social network built with Laravel and Bootstrap. Authenticate, add and accept friend requests, post to a timeline, reply to and like friend's statuses.

Discussions (3)

1 month ago

Why you create controller manually instead of scaffold?

4 months ago

Wich Laravel version are you using?

3 months ago

I also wish to know this. I think it's 5.1 from the docs he is looking at. I usually use 5.5.40 LTS (Long Term Support) which is the latest LTS version of Laravel at the time of writing this. Whether 5.1 works in a 5.5 laravel install, and whether it is even done in 5.1 I am not sure. Your best bet is probably to download 5.1 and give it a try or 5.5.40 I guess you would learn either way. A solid answer after 3 weeks though would be good.


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