Practical Git / Introduction

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1. Introduction

2. Initialising an empty repository

3. Configuring Git

4. Staging, committing and pushing

5. Making changes and pushing again

6. Branch basics

7. Pull requests

8. Pull request aftermath

9. Branch and merge workflow

10. Cloning a remote repository

11. Deleting remote branches

12. Dealing with conflicts

13. Contributing to open-source projects

14. Amending commits (and the dangers)

15. Amending commits: Part 2

16. Merging and Rebasing: Revisiting merging

17. Merging and Rebasing: Rebasing

18. Squashing commits

19. Stashing: Stashing basics

20. Stashing: Stashing gotchas

21. Ignoring files with .gitignore

22. Using .gitkeep, and a better alternative

23. Untracking tracked files

24. A quick look at git diff

25. Creating a project readme

Practical Git

  • 133 mins runtime
  • Released 1 year ago

Git is an essential tool for any developer, but you'll probably only use 20% of Git features 80% of the time. Let's dive into the knowledge you need to manage your project through version control, collaborate with others and contribute to open-source projects.

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What is the text editor you are using?

4 months ago

I think Alex use Sublime

4 months ago

Where are the download links mentioned in step 02?


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