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I love this series but I don't recall going over the 'header' function anywhere. Anyone know which section I missed? I looked it up at but it's written for experts there. Thanks!

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This is a great course for beginners. Just wanted to point out that in lecture 13 you can refactor this part if (in_array($dayOfWeek, array_keys($daysOfWeek))) to this if (array_key_exists($dayOfWeek, $daysOfWeek)) or just use the alias key_exists. It's cleaner, I think :-).

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Such a brilliant course for beginners. It would have been good for me to watch this series 5 years ago when I was starting out on your channel. It's here now, and it's brilliant! The 'Practical Object Oriented Programming' course is an awesome follow up.

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Thank you for pointing out The 'Practical Object Oriented Programming'.

I didn't notice it. I'm gonna follow up after this.

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