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If I'm using many filters for different article topics, article types, dates posted, most likes, and using a query string as part of it, how would I go about doing the improvements with skip and take? For instance, in my render I have my "'articles' => Article::with('user', 'topic', 'type')" and then many individual "->when()" statements for my filters and finally "->orderBy()->paginate()->withQueryString(),". Moving this into the mount and loadMore functions wouldn't work.

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Nice updates on the manual paginator. Would be nice to see this course further expanded on to include a 'page' query string update as you scroll. When refreshing the page, if you'd previously scrolled to say 'page 7', I'd expect the request would load pages 1—7, and return you to page 7's scroll position on the page.

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Full course code?

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What about caching results?

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Does this process become simpler now that Laravel offers a cursorPaginate method?

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Would like to see algolia search working with this ?

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what about change the url with the currect page

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I think you can make it more optimize, by reference the $articles, in current code you are not pagination the records but you are incrementing the perPage and in the last your perPage has 100 and it only pull 100 records, so everytime you scroll it fetch the new records but also the old records from db which is overhead.

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That's exactly why this course is in development :)

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@alex looking forward to seeing how this is done, this short series already helped me a lot! Your work really helped me getting up and running with Laravel in no time!

BTW sorry for spamming you here, but I was wondering if by chance did you happen to read that bug report on the Digital E-Commerce Store with Stripe Checkout (where you can add products on another window and getting all products for the price of one)

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