01. Introduction


So welcome to this course on learning Livewire. If you are completely new to Livewire
or you've just played around with it, this course with this practical project is gonna guide you through how to actually build things with Livewire.
We're gonna cover quite a lot of what Livewire offers, not everything, but after you finish this course, you should be comfortable just diving straight in and building things out.
So let's take a look at this practical application that we're gonna be building that covers a huge amount of Livewire. So you can see here that we are creating
this kind of book repository where we can add books, search for our books. Let's take a look at just creating a book here. So I'm just gonna say a book by Alex
and sure enough, I'm gonna hit add book. Now within here, we're gonna cover things like validation. So of course, we're gonna get that validation out on the page.
So let's go ahead and fill this in properly. And there we go. Sure enough, that has been created. Now we can add notes to this book,
which are automatically saved. So we're gonna be looking at functionality like that. So this is really good. Let's just put an example in here
and that's automatically saved. So if I refresh the page, you can see it's still there. We're gonna toggle states between editing. So I can go ahead and edit the book title
or the author here and hit edit. Again, that's all validated and we can search books as well. So let's just create another book in here
by someone else and we'll hit add book and let's go ahead and just search for this. So when we type book, obviously both of these contain book, but let's go ahead and search for another
and you can see that that filters down to show only the books with them keywords. It's gonna be a very basic search, but this is gonna give you a good idea
as to how you can implement something like this. So this looks pretty simple, but quite a lot goes into this. So like I said, we're gonna be covering
quite a few Livewire concepts, the majority of which you'll use every single day while you are building Livewire components. So we've taken a look at the demo application.
We know what we're doing. In the next episode, let's get a fresh Laravel project set up and actually get Livewire installed.
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Ready to learn Livewire? Throughout this course, we’ll build up a real application that touches almost every aspect of Livewire — leaving you ready to start building your own applications.

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