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The webhook that sets a user as member is an asynchronous. The user experience will need to be updated to reflect that. There's no guarantee Stripe will instantly send off that webhook. I would probably add a message saying "Your order is being processed..." and possibly use livewire to refresh.

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Should we be using this over the "Build a Digital E-Commerce store with Stripe Checkout"?

What is the difference between charges/payment intents/checkout, and when is best to use which?

Do all of them allow for SCA?

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what is the benefit if use stripe-php package instead of laravel cashier package? thank you

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Good video as always I have but question. Is it possible to touch up on stripe connect ? I know you have a series about it but it’s a bit out dated.

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Thanks Alex!

For the future a course implementing Stripe Connect / Marketplace would be a great.


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