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01. Introduction and demo

6m 59s

02. Getting set up

10m 36s

03. Modifying registration for usernames

7m 15s

04. Figuring out the forum layout

5m 57s

05. Creating and listing topics

9m 15s

06. Basic discussion listing

13m 33s

07. Pinning discussions

4m 1s

08. Tackling pagination in Inertia

8m 23s

09. Customising pagination text in Laravel


10. Showing a discussion

6m 4s

11. Setting up discussion posts

5m 53s

12. Listing through discussion posts

5m 28s

13. Adding more data to posts

8m 24s

14. Adding pagination to posts

1m 35s

15. Adding a post preview to discussions

4m 52s

16. Adding the last reply to discussions

5m 54s

17. Outputting discussion participants

8m 4s

18. Limiting participants in the UI

5m 56s

19. Ordering discussions by last post

4m 30s

20. Handling deleted users

2m 31s

21. Counting replies

8m 13s

22. Building our first filter

8m 31s

23. Highlighting current filters, and merging with pagination

5m 37s

24. Adding auth specific filters

6m 40s

25. Adding the topic filter

8m 18s

26. Scaffolding the new discussion form

13m 29s

27. Toggling the create discussion form

9m 2s

28. Keeping form state

4m 59s

29. Storing a new discussion

11m 29s

30. Discussion validation and authorization

5m 1s

31. Generating markdown for posts

8m 37s

32. Toggling the markdown preview

7m 43s

33. Fetching and displaying markdown

8m 6s

34. Adding a markdown shortcut toolbar

5m 53s

35. Dealing with SVG icons

7m 46s

36. Creating the reply form

7m 48s

37. Basic Inertia permission checking

6m 26s

38. Creating replies to discussions

5m 37s

39. Jumping to posts

11m 40s

40. Automatically scrolling to posts

6m 18s

41. Toggling post editing

7m 32s

42. Editing posts

3m 36s

43. Deleting posts

4m 21s

44. Deleting discussions

6m 7s

45. Setting up for best answers

7m 29s

46. Toggling the best discussion answer

12m 14s

47. Solved and unsolved filters

2m 23s

48. Indexing discussions for search

8m 6s

49. Searching discussions

12m 35s

50. Debouncing search

2m 47s

51. Adding mentionable functionality to forms

6m 32s

52. Indexing users for mentioning

9m 9s

53. Hooking up users for mentions

10m 10s

54. Detecting and storing mentioned users

9m 54s

55. Adding the mentioned filter

2m 26s

56. Adding mentions to the markdown toolbar

1m 1s

57. Adding mentions to the reply form

7m 21s

58. Fixing up some unauthenticated state

1m 1s

59. Fixing up post scrolling

1m 48s

60. Reviewing SSR (Server-side rendering)

8m 20s

61. Preventing parent posts from being deleted

2m 31s

62. Improving solution marking

4m 9s
Build a Forum with Inertia and Laravel

30. Discussion validation and authorization

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Ready to build a forum with Inertia and Laravel?

Why a forum? A forum touches a whole load of concepts that you'll use throughout your development career – particularly on the client-side, where we'll be doing most of the heavy lifting.

So, let's build a clean, modern forum with features like markdown support, code highlighting, advanced filtering, user mentions, full-text search, the ability to mark best answers, and more.

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