Build a File Marketplace with Laravel / Introduction and demo

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1. Introduction and demo

2. Basic Laravel setup

3. Switching Bootstrap for Bulma

4. Templates

5. Navigation

6. Mailtrap setup

7. Switching login and register styles

8. Password resets

9. Account dashboard

10. Stats design

11. Users and files

12. Starting a new file submission

13. Authorization

14. New file form

15. Submitting a file

16. Listing all files

17. Component/slot refactor

18. Quick flash messages

19. File update form

20. File approval setup

21. DRYing up validation

22. Checking if a file needs approving

23. Storing approval

24. Approval recap

25. Showing the pending approval status

26. Upload setup

27. Setting up Dropzone

28. Handling file uploads

29. Deleting uploads

30. Pulling in existing uploads

31. Validating upload count

32. Improving upload count validation

33. Modifying uploads

34. Detecting approval

35. Refactoring with scopes

36. File deleting recap

37. Roles setup

38. Custom blade directive

39. Admin dashboard

40. Admin middleware

41. Showing new files for approval

42. Approving a file

43. Rejecting a file

44. Listing updated files

45. Approving file changes

46. Rejecting file changes

47. File rejected/approval emails

48. Updates rejected/approved emails

49. Public file page basics

50. Public file page visibility

51. Showing available uploads

52. Admin file preview

53. Showing the form

54. Submitting an email

55. Sale setup

56. Recording the sale

57. Event and listener

58. Sending the email

59. Basic setup

60. Checking a sale matches

61. Building up a file list

62. Zipping up files

63. How Stripe Connect works

64. New user columns

65. Middleware and connect prompt

66. Connect flow

67. Storing user tokens

68. CSRF considerations

69. Middleware if already connected

70. The Stripe form

71. Processing and splitting the payment

72. Events and email

73. Basic user stats

74. User all time/this month sales

75. Admin stats

Build a File Marketplace with Laravel

  • 435 mins runtime
  • Released 1 year ago

Build a marketplace where sellers can list and sell files, while we take a cut of each sale using Stripe Connect. We'll cover payments, uploads, roles, zipping files on the fly, the Bulma CSS framework, and much more.

Discussions (5)

2 weeks ago

Hi, I'm having an issue with the published / unpublished scope.

As a seller, when the file is published, I can unpublish it by unchecking the published box and submitting the form. Bu i can not seem to roll back to a published state when rechecking that box.

Any idea on this issue please ?

2 weeks ago

OK, got this by changing in edit.blade.php:

<input type="checkbox" name="live" id="live"{{ $gift->live ? ' checked' : '' }} value="{{ old('live') ? old('live') : $gift->live }}">


<input type="checkbox" name="live" id="live"{{ $gift->live ? ' checked' : '' }} value="1">

as the 1 value will only get transmitted with the form if it's checked.

If this can spare some time to other people ;-)

1 month ago

On lesson 27: I have to add document ready event from jquery to make dropzone work. Because the execution of the script was faster than the availability of the tag "#file" inside the dom.

snippet: $(document).ready(function(){ var drop = new Dropzone('#file', { url: '/' }); });

3 months ago

Alex, how to split payment to mulitple vendors? is this possible with stripe right now??

2 months ago

Check this: srmklive/paypal