Eloquent and Slim

in PHP, Laravel, Slim, MySQL 2 years ago. 41 mins runtime.

Bring the power of a fully equipped ORM to Slim, with Eloquent.

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Enforcing referential integrity with the Laravel Schema builder

in MySQL, Laravel, PHP 2 years ago. 12 mins runtime.

Covering what referential integrity is, and how easy it is to enforce this to ensure tidy tables with integrity between relationships.

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Self-destructing message app

in PHP, MySQL, Laravel 2 years ago. Free. 58 mins runtime.

Build this basic app, learning important areas of developing with a framework as you go.

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Location searching with Google Maps and MongoDB

in PHP, MySQL, MongoDB, JavaScript, CSS, HTML 2 years ago. 59 mins runtime.

Search nearby locations stored in a MongoDB database and display them on a Google Map.

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Generate Fake Data with PHP using Faker

in PHP, MySQL 3 years ago. Free. 14 mins runtime.

Speed up development and use Faker to generate fake data, like words, paragraphs, names, email addresses, and so much more! Here, we look at seeding a database with 100 records of data at the click of a button.

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