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Codecourse is a fantastic platform. Alex has a friendly delivery style. He includes just enough detail to keep the courses comprehensive but not too slow. Thank you, Alex, for making me a better developer!

Zuzana Kunckova


I love that Codecourse tackles larger concepts, such as multi-tenant/multi-database setups, or ADR in both Slim & Laravel. Really helps push me as a developer.

Scott Zirkel


Codecourse is what got me into web development. Diverse content, superb quality courses, and most of all excellent explanations.

Ziyo Shams


Codecourse has allowed me to approach complex problems in a much cleaner way because Alex has always been a big advocate of simplicity.

Abdul Haseeb


I love Codecourse because it has a lot of practical step-by-step projects. The teaching, video and content quality are one of the best I've ever seen. It helped me so much and improved my web development skills to a whole new level.

Davor Minchorov


Great practical project examples and code walkthrough that will help you level up your developer chops.

Steven Grant


Codecourse is just so simple. I built my first Laravel app in hours thanks to Codecourse.

Duncan McClean


Codecourse is the way to learn and keep up-to-date with the latest technologies.

Brent Robert


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