State management with Vuex

If you've learned Vue already, add Vuex to your toolkit and manage complex state with ease.

After completing this path

You'll know the fundamental concepts of Vuex and how to apply them to your projects. You'll also pick up some tips and tricks to make working with Vuex a breeze.

How long is it?

The total runtime is 11 hours and 17 minutes. There are 6 courses in this path.

What's covered?

  • Learn the basics of Vuex with an e-commerce example
  • Build an awesome Podcast app to show off
  • Write simple unit tests to further understand how Vuex works
  • Learn how to use Vue Stash when Vuex is overkill
  • And loads more

Learn Vuex

  • 1 hour 41 mins
  • Released 4 years ago

Build a notes app with Vuex

  • 1 hour 57 mins
  • Released 5 years ago

Vuex validation strategies

  • 43 mins
  • Released 4 years ago

Unit testing Vuex

  • 1 hour 29 mins
  • Released 4 years ago

Vue Stash

  • 17 mins
  • Released 3 years ago

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