Learn Vue.js

Curious about trying a new JavaScript framework? Vue is the perfect start.

After completing this path

You'll be able to confidently work with Vue.js to build awesome front-end experiences for your users.

How long is it?

The total runtime is 11 hours and 56 minutes. There are 6 courses in this path.

What's covered?

  • Learn how to install and get working with Vue.js quickly
  • Understand components with practical examples
  • Build some cool components to use in your next project
  • Learn how to create a single-page app with Vue Router
  • Learn to write, clean, maintainable code
  • And loads more

Learn Vue.js

  • 2 hours 46 mins
  • Released 4 years ago

Vue.js components

  • 1 hour 38 mins
  • Released 4 years ago

Routing with Vue.js

  • 2 hours 31 mins
  • Released 4 years ago

Learn Vue.js by example

  • 2 hours 19 mins
  • Released 4 years ago

Practical Vue Components

  • 2 hours 1 min
  • Released 3 years ago
In development

Vue Style Guide

  • 39 mins
  • Released 3 years ago

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