Build native apps with Flutter

Learn to build native iOS and Android apps with Flutter, Google’s UI toolkit for native app development.

After completing this path

You'll be able to create, write and run simple Flutter apps that will run on iOS and Android devices.

How long is it?

The total runtime is 7 hours and 41 minutes. There are 8 courses in this path.

What's covered?

  • Learn Dart, the language we'll be coding with
  • Installing Flutter and what it needs
  • Installing and running iOS and Android emulators
  • Learn how to build simple UIs
  • Handling state updates in your apps
  • Working with a variety of Widgets
  • And loads more

Learn Dart

  • 2 hours 10 mins
  • Released 2 years ago

Setting up Flutter

  • 15 mins
  • Released 2 years ago

Your first Flutter app

  • 28 mins
  • Released 2 years ago

API Requests with Flutter

  • 47 mins
  • Released 2 years ago

Authentication with Flutter

  • 1 hour 14 mins
  • Released a year ago

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